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Town and Country style

In any search for the perfect home, the list of the things we expect from a property has become far more defined. The increasing demands on today’s busy lifestyles mean that, in many cases, budget and location are simply not enough. Luxury lifestyle properties are usually associated with chic central city apartments, although the trend is fast. Changing and is nowadays spreading to the country as well.


Its well worth expanding your property search to include areas outside the city that still retain charm and character, yet also benefit from slick urban interior styling, offering the best of those worlds. There are many developers currently offering rural and semirural properties with city-style interiors – ideal for younger professionals and families alike.

But, today, the people want to return to the rustic and natural, since some time ago, the young have incorporated the nature to their homes, saying goodbye to the industry and opting instead for the crafts, wood and natural fibers. The ethnic and exotic have place too.

So much rationality, so industrialization, so much life citizen, societies provoke a return to nature, to the historic, but the historical simple and homely, where values, but forgotten to have a space more family.

The term “rustic”, suggests a low quality construction, but nothing more away from it. Style rustic current is a perfect combination between ethnic and chic.
The idea is to combine elements rustic with urban and modern touches. The most notable are little bulky furniture, cereal, line of simple shapes, woven natural and the warmth that brings the wood, stone, terracotta or wicker.

Accessories of wrought iron, vegetable fibers, the linens, boiled leather, cane, wicker, the rattan and ethnic elements come together to give a touch between exotic and colonial.

Inside, is usually not absent the fireplace, home built in stone or brick, with a major wood which gives the framing this element could not miss in the houses of yesteryear and it brings life to provide more air rustic addition to in some areas essential.

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