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Transparent furniture

Transparent furniture is great to decorate small places. This tendency in decoration is a winner since gives us a sensation of space in rooms that are small, and they also have a modern and delicate design.

Different types of furniture, like tables, seats, book shelves, receivers, etc, can be made in methacrylate, polycarbonate or glass. This fashion has also become strong between lovers of minimalist spaces.

The most important advantages of transparent furniture are: they reflect the light, obtaining more bright rooms, and they give us the feeling that less space is occupied, which is the ideal base in small spaces decoration. Designers also opted for this kind of furniture cause the designs are beauty and lines are elegant.

Transparent book shelves 

The better way to understand the potential of transparent furniture is to choose a small room and place a wooden table. Try then with a glass table. What’s the difference? The place will definitely look bigger with the last one.

Transparent seats are another great idea. They can be sitting in a corner of a small kitchen or bedroom: they won’t eat space and they will certainly make their function.

Book shelves are a very modern way of decorate a small room in a functional way. Books, but also plants or small pieces of decoration can be display creating a different ambiance, lighter and more futurist.

Transparent furniture built with polycarbonate can also have colours. This is a good idea for children’s bedrooms or play rooms: the light still goes through, but they become part of the decoration of the room, without begin too much.

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