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Trends in decoration 2011

Art Deco and Art Nouveau
They have become the botanical, brocades, prints of animals, lines, alluding to Art Deco geometric figures. Mirror with silver frameworks are recommended. The most common are peacocks, roses and deer. Bronze sculptures give a touch style Art Deco. Plush texture looks at sofas, armchairs and Decorative cushions. Hardwoods are clear tone more than dark as “cherry”.

2011 Comes up with colors that can be used alone in several shades or combined together. The stars will be pink, violet and green. Yellow is essential as these colors. Brown is imposed as an element for a style both conciliator totally Art Deco to accompany any of the recommended colors.

Black and white
A classic doesn’t die. Highly favored combination by men. A touch of the preferred color complements the decoration. For walls white bone. Art Deco classic combinations are black and green. As variation black grey strong.

contemporary patio furniture landscape formsPrints
Sofas, cushions, curtains, ceramic. Flowers, leaves, lines, geometric figures, animal print.

Unusual forms
Kettle that seems not Guan, a vase that seems dish. Objects that are topic of conversation when you have guests at home

Mix colors and styles
For the less formal 2011 is ideal as can mixing styles and colors without any sense of guilt.

The old grandmother’s couch is not older, is a fully “in” that will give you a special touch to your new home. The vintage continues and increasingly shops and fairs where you can get parts that have no price.

Every day more houses of decoration which specialize in items produced with ecological awareness (with recycled materials, good conditions) for workers, etc. It is very nice to have in the House objects that have been created thinking about protecting our planet.

Artistic cushions
What you think buying a genuine painting but not in a frame but a cushion? Cushions are the new scenes. Now you can get true works of art and even unique to treasured and display.

Handcrafted pieces of Egypt, India, and indeed any culture outside. Especially strong colors. Find out the meaning of the objects which acquire and explain to your visitors. Let other cultures in their new home is very “in”.

Objects not mass produced
Nothing like an object of which have been very few or at the best one for you. Unique pieces that can then treasured from generation to generation. Areas and ovals (decorated, e.g. eggs) are still trend in 2011.

comfort style 5Comfort
Trends point towards peace and serenity in the home. Colors that they evoke nature: blue and green blue oceans, shades of Brown and cream by beaches and deserted, green forest. The concept of “simple luxuries” is gaining much boom. Good quality parts but above all comfortable, which are functional and not a mere adornment. A resounding no to these chairs are beautiful but impossible to see a movie in them.

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