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Two-in-one furniture

sofa bed

 In a recent post, talking about auxiliary furniture, we mentioned the possibility of given a particular piece of furniture several uses or a different use as it was originally designed for. However, there are some furniture, too, specially designed for multiple purposes, the so called two-in-one furniture.

A typical furniture of this kind is the sofa bed, which allows having atwo-in-one furniture queen size bed at night and a sofa during the day, all at the same time. They are ideal for studios or for houses without a guest room. There are also desks that can become a single bed during the day, as shown in this picture, or chairs that can be easily converted into tables, for instance.  There are also cradles that can be changed into beds by taking off their rails, to set some examples.

However, even though they can become really handy, sometimes they do no fulfill our expectations; the reason being that it is difficult for anything to have the characteristics of two different things. In the case of sofa beds, for instance, they usually do not provide the same comfort as a regular sofa, since it needs some hardness to properly serve as a bed.

The bottom line is that in case you decide to buy any two-in-one furniture, think about what its main use is going to be. If a sofa bed, whether it is going to bed mainly a sofa or a bed. In the latter’s case, you will need one with a metal frame, which is not very comfortable for sitting on during long hours, whereas if you are going to use it most of the time as a sofa, foam would be a good option.

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