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Using leather for your furniture’s tapestry

leather tapestry

Using leather as the main material for furniture, specially sofas and chairs, may be a little more expensive than using traditional fabrics, yet this additional cost certainly is worth the expense.

In the first place, it looks classier, more elegant, and more sophisticated. It gives an aspect of quality that traditional fabrics cannot provide. Leather always gives the sensation of comfort and sobriety, of a house with a feeling of permanency, not temporality.

Secondly, since leather sofas and chairs come usually in mono-colours, like black, blue or brown, it is easier to combine them with the rest of the decoration. That does not mean that brighter colours cannot be chosen for leather tapestry. Some greens and a few reds come quite appropriate for decorating with a happier style.

Another advantage of leather tapestry  is that it is easy to clean. Whereas fabrics tend to get dirty and require dry cleaning (more often when there are kids living in the house), leather is almost dirt free. You just need to pass a sponge or a wet piece of fabric and any spot of dirt will dissapear.

Last but not least, another characteristic of leather tapestry, that makes if a favourite of many furniture designers, is its durability. Fabric tapestry could last for some years provided proper care is given to it, yet leather will last forever, not to mention the fact that if you choose a neutral color (black, for instance), it will never be out of fashion, something that does not happen with fabric as a general rule.

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