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Vintage Style

If you’re thinking of decorating with a Vintage style you are thinking on a Retro style. What does this mean? We are going to mix old objects (with at least ten years) in combination with modern elements. The result is usually colorful and very personal.


The elements most used for this king of decoration belongs to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
The idea that’s in the base of the Vintage conception is to recover old objects and reuse them in contrast with a modern touch.

The Vintage style is ideal for people who like to collect old items or is fond of some personal values that can become part of the decoration. This is a very personalized style.


Antique fabrics or collectables can be cheaply acquired in flea markets.

The contrasts can be created with an old table surrounded with modern seats, or a hanging lamp of very strong and brilliant colors and an old armchair, which can be restored or patched with modern fabrics.

Restored furniture with new fabrics or modern techniques, can produce a great effect.

Balance may be a problem, because Vintage usually is a quite overload way of decoration. The best is to choose just a couple of elements in the room that will be completely original.


Flowers are very much present design in Vintage decoration, it could be in paper walls, bed cloth or table cloth. Old items that may seem to have no use, as a bird’s cage, may ended up being a beautiful detail in the decoration of the room.

The Vintage style is not afraid of colours and strange combinations between past and future.

In general terms the Vintage Style is an eclectic and casual way of decorating.

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