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Walk-in wardrobes

Dedicating a particular space of the house for keeping and conserving clothes is a solution which is becoming very popular. Whether integrated into the main bedroom or totally independent, walk-in closets can be adapted to any architectural style.
As previously said, the best place to locate a walk-in wardrobe is the main bedroom, preferably in an independent room. However, it can be placed in other available spaces of the home, like a small room or next to a bathroom.
Distribution. Should an ample room be available, shelves can be placed both at the end of the room and on each lateral walls. When the walk-in closet has it access through another room, the recommended distribution would be on a L shape, which allows maximizing the space of one of its corners. It would be better, of course, have the walk-in wardrobes tailored made; even though it can be more expensive, it will help utilizing space up to its limits, since it can be adapted to the room shape (specially if it does not have a regular shape).
How to organize it. One of the great advantages of a walk-in closet is that it can be organized according to its user needs. That is why it is so important to know beforehand what you are going to store in the wardrobe in order to choose the proper accessories or modules (that should fit for each and all clothes). In addition to hanger bars (if placed in the high part of the wardrobe, the best choice are those that can be lowered with a lever). There are also special hangers for pants or ties, for instance, as well as special boxes for shoes, as well as extractable trays.
The bottom line is, when installing a walk-in wardrobe, imagination is the limit.




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