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Wall Colours 2011

The end of a year is always a moment of balance and new ideas. So, why not to make our house look completely different this 2011? And for this the best way to start is to put some make up on our walls. We tell you all about the tendencies of colours for walls in this 2011.

During the 2011 we are going to see more and more of the, till now not very famous, colour grey. Different shades and in combination with white is perfect for a modern living room, a play room or a studio (because it goes very well with hi-tech products).

But maybe introducing grey in your house sounds a bit cold for you? Brown in its different shades is the new tendency for you then. It has a really homy effect, especially if we combine it with pillows, canvas and maybe a rug, all in yellows and red. But don’t go too far! Walls should always be of a bright colour, then you can play with the rest of the decoration of the room.

Brown Bedroom

Beige colours are always  traditional option (but never out of date) for bedrooms. But if you’re looking for a modern touch, then you may want to play with stronger and brighter colours. One tendency that’s been very popular for the last couple of years is the use of different wall colours in one same room, especially if we have shaped walls. Using different colours or even shades of one same pigment, we can play with the light in the room making it look bigger, or we can also make some extravagant choices (see Comfort Style).

The choice of wall colours represents someone’s personality, so this guide of what’s new this 2011 is only a help to let your imagination run!

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