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Wardrobes and closets ideas

Are you looking for ideas to modernize and make your wardrobe more functional?

The closets and wardrobes are a very important for storage and to keep our clothes organized. Some houses have wardrobes embedded in the rooms, others allow you to make a personalized design that will suit your needs.


Closets are useful in small rooms as in big rooms. Here we give you ideas for every situation.

An important aspect at the moment of designing a closet’s interior is functionality. What do we want to store? Do we want to hang cloth? Do we want drawers, low areas or place for shoes?

The outside of the wardrobe it’s also an important part of the design. Do we want mirrors that help to give a spacious feeling in the room? A wooden plain finishing could also be an elegant option.


Having a lot of space allows you to transform your closet into a dressing room. Of course if you have a spare room or an attic it can be turn into a big dressing room.

Important parts of the interior of a wardrobe:

  • Drawers. Are useful and comfortable, can be used for different things, from underwear to small objects.
  • Shelves. They are ideal for folded clothes.
  • Hanging area. For shirts and coats and to hang trousers.
  • Area for shoes. It can be a bid draw or just a low place.

You can design other shelves for personal objects that you want to store in your wardrobe.


Tips and ideas:

  • Minimalist closets. They are flat and simple and allows you to play more with the design of the room.
  • White closets are an all times classic. They are practical and give the room a spacious feeling. They can integrate easily with the decoration of the room.
  • Closets with sliding doors are a good option in rooms with not much space.
  • An elegant option is to mix wooden tones and mirror in the exterior of the wardrobe.
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