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Wardrobes: Storage is essential.


A good distribution is the key for any efficient wardrobe. The more organized it is the better the advantage we can take from it. This will guarantee proper maintenance of clothes and complements, too.
In order for us to choose the adequate closet several aspects are to be weighted. First of all, the real storage needs, which means what kind of clothes are supposed to be kept in it: season’s clothes, shoes, suitcases and boxes, or day to day clothing. This would provide us with a concrete idea regarding appropriate cupboard’s dimensions and how to distribute its interior.
A good wardrobe should allow us to storage in good conditions big pieces of clothes and to easily access clothes that we wear often. In this regard, modular divisions are very helpful. Theses divisions work nicely for both stand-alone closets as well as for those fixed between walls.
Another important aspect worth taking into account is the wardrobe’s interior lightning. Even though it may not be essential, it would be convenient to include within the cupboard some electric lights. These are usually low-powered and would turn automatically on when the wardrobe’s doors are open, and off when they are closed.
Basic Distribution.
A standard wardrobe would be 2 meter high, 1.5 meter wide and 0.6 meter deep. It could be divided into 3 sections from top to bottom. In the upper side blankets and other season’s clothes are to be kept; the center is supposed to have a bar to place clothes in hangs, whereas in the lower part boxes with lids for pajamas, underwear, etc., and an “open” space for shoes.

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