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What is the best choice, natural or laminated parquet?

laminated parquet

Flooring is an important element in any house-remodelling project. Nowadays, the parquet is a valid option not only for its beauty but also for the warm and comfortable sensations that it creates. Though a parquet of natural (solid) wood seems to be the classiest choice, it could increase the budget considerably and might not be up to all customer´s expectations, since it requires constant cleaning and caring.
On the other hand, there are several brands of synthetic laminated parquet that constitute an excellent option, delivering good quality for a lesser price. This product is made of several layers: one is the base (created with a strong material); the other is decorative laminate-impregnated with melamine paper with wooden appearance, and the most important one is the water resistant layer made of firmly extruded wood fibres (MDF or HDF) with a balancing layer that serves for the regulation of the internal tensions and removes the risk of hogging.
These soils have more hardness and resistance to the regular wear than the parquet of natural wood, since they get scratched less. In addition, some brands incorporate other qualities as resistance to fire (fireproof) and (this being very important) endurance against dampness. You can also find laminated parquet for exteriors (advisable for porches, balconies and terraces), with special treatments against humidity and rain (this kind of products, though, could be a little more expensive).
Laminated wood tiles are classified by their hardness in AC3, AC4 and AC5, meaning that the higher the number after the AC letters, the greater the ressistance the parquet will have. For residential use, the AC4 would be enough.

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