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Wine crate decoration

Those wooden boxes that wine is delivered in can be used for more than just storing old bits and bobs in. In themselves they are great design points, so detracting as little as possible from the features of the boxes is key.

Outdoors, wine crates can be used as planter boxes for flowers, herbs and some fruits and vegetables.


More and more people are beginning to consider the options indoors for wine crates. Storage would be the most common option, but how to use them in new and interesting ways? Firstly, as display cases. Kept in their natural state, with funky wallpaper backing that suits the design of the room they are in, the crates can be filled with anything from books, to vases to featured ornaments. The crates can then be hung on the wall or joined together with drawing clips and kept on the ground.


Another idea is using the wine crates as kitchen cabinets, either resting on counter tops or built into under sink cupboard space.


Decorating with wine crates, another great excuse for buying wine!

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